Who is Carlos Matos?

Carlos Matos is a self described investor and entrepreneur from New York.

He gained notoriety for his overly enthusiastic presentation of Bitconnect on the annual ceremony which happened on October, 2017 in Thailand.

This was Bitconnect's only annual ceremony.

The pyramid scheme collapsed shortly thereafter in January of 2018. Matos claims to have lost over U$ 100,000 in the collapse. He infamously stated that his wife did not believe him when he said he lost everything in Bitconnect.

Before Bitconnect, Matos seems to have been investing in gold:

Several posts on his Facebook feed are in Spanish, suggesting he has Latin American relatives.

Links to Bitconnect

It is not clear what Matos' links to Bitconnect were.

Officially he was just a customer who received free air tickets and hotel stay in Thailand in order to participate in the annual event.

A post on his Facebook feed seems to indicate that Matos was involved in a high yield cryptocurrency investment as early as July 2017, 3 months before his infamous presentation.

Current Activities

Today a Twitter account using Carlos Matos' name says he sells Herbalife products:

It's not clear if this is a parody account or not:

In a video from mid 2018 Matos seems to mock his own Bitconnect presentation, though the ponzi name is not mentioned at all.

In several occasions he has claimed to live in the Bronx, NY, area.

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