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This post is a collection of cryptocurrency money making methods . These links used to be found at our main menu.

We've since moved this part of the menu into its own post.

We'll update and expand this section as new money making methods become available.

Earn BAT Using Brave Browser

Download Brave Browser and enable ads to earn BAT tokens directly on your browser. Brave rewards you for your attention span. Time spent at sites pays visitors and site owners alike! Be a part of this awesome ecosystem. All you have to do is download, install Brave and begin browsing.

Download Brave

Brave Browser is 100% compatible with Google Chrome - it's built from the same source code base, in fact. If you're a Chrome user, you won't have any trouble using Brave. If you're a Firefox user, Brave's so familiar, you'll feel right at home as well.

Read more: Understand how Brave works

Nov 2020 Update: The Brave Referral program has been shut down. This does not affect the Attention Rewards (getting paid to view content). It just means we no longer get paid a fee each time you download Brave from here :p

Earn 10% Bonus at Binance

When you join Binance using our referral link, you earn a 10% bonus on fees.

Join Binance Now

Binance is the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange in the world. It has managed to keep customer funds safe (the famous "funds are SAFU"!) and it's currently the highest volume exchange, meaning you can almost instantly buy and sell any cryptocurrency there.

Earn Free U$ 50 in MCO Tokens

When you join and stake 50 MCO, you get U$ 50 in free additional MCO tokens.

I want to earn U$ 50 in MCO Tokens!

When requested, please enter su59euys4y referral code to qualify for free U$ 50 bonus

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We strive to publish only select money making methods. This list could be much bigger, but we really only link to programs that we, ourselves, have tested.

We're confident that this page, although short, presents our users with reputable means to earn cryptocurrency through high quality partners.


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