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List of official BAT Basic Attention Token and Brave Publishers resources

Here you will find a list of official Brave and BAT (Basic Attention Token) resources.

Basic Security Tips

Before we get to the list, here are some security tips based on our experience with BAT and other cryptocurrencies.

Please verify that you are at an authentic website and do not, under any circumstances, give out your recovery phrase or private key to anyone.

Brave is not holding an airdrop, so do not give your private key to anyone who claims to be giving out BAT tokens.

Official BAT & Brave Resources List

These are official resources gathered from official Brave channels. Do not trust sites not on this list. Watch out for common mispellings (zeroes in place of o’s or 1 (number one) in place of l (letter L).

1. BAT Community Website

2. Brave Blog

3. BAT Blog

4. Brave Twitter

5. Attention Token Twitter

6. BAT Community Twitter

7. Brendan Eich’s Twitter (Brave CEO and founder)

8. Basic Attention Token BAT Reddit

9. Brave Browser Reddit

10. English Telegram

11. Facebook

12. BAT Instagram

13. BAT Youtube

14. Chinese Telegram


Telegram en Español


FR Telegram

Other Resources

The following are non-official resources (not affiliated with Brave in any official capacity).

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