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Middlemen have become expendable

There’s a widely known trend that the number of people is ‘portfolio workers’ who freelance, work part-time or take unguaranteed shift work rises pretty fast. It creates a logical question about shifting the power from recruitment agencies as middlemen directly to job seekers.

With the rise of numbers of next-gen technologies millennials, people who will enter the workforce really soon and know all about networking, won’t trust some people with their career choice. A recruitment agencies’ goal is to fill the positions asap, but they don’t know who is the best for the job.

But it’s just in the best case scenario. For instance, in 2011 one recruitment agency in the medical field called doctors in NHS, lied about the position, offered work as consultants and promised to pay three times more if they agreed to become ‘temporary replacements’ instead of the usual workers. Money went from the NHS budget which was not ready for that amount of expenses. Nobody talked about this directly with the company. Recruitment agencies still use this scheme to enrich themselves by companies that have to pay high salaries to employees because they were promised.

With the new technologies like blockchain, the era of recruitment agencies is inevitably ending. Anyone can become a recruiter who is sincerely interested in recommending a job position to the right person who can fit into the company.

For those of you who want to change it, we created Aworker — the platform that helps to find the most suitable company and job position based on your psycho-type, professional skills, and achievements. It’s like an Uber for recruitment. Aworkers are no longer tied up to one job, company, city or even continent. The catch here is that you have to prove the data you write about by attaching certificates or other verifying documents.

Decentralization provides the best opportunities for creating the new professional ecosystem. It makes it easier to pay people for their activity in Aworker platform: with the power of smart contracts payments for acquaintance’s recommendation or coming to the job interview by yourself are automatic. Moreover, each person will be able to show how qualified he/she really is and develop a reputation of a reliable employee with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Also if you are not ready to switch your job, you still can get a reward by recommending a friend or acquaintances for open positions (they’ll be rewarded even if they won’t get a job after the interview). To find out more about the project, visit this page.

We believe that it is the best time for recruitment industry to adopt new technology and invest in the future.

Let us know what do you think about recruitment agencies and please send us your comments about your experience working with one of them.

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Published by Crypto Bill - Bill is a writer, geek, crypto-curious polyheurist, a dog's best friend and coffee addict. Information security expert, encryption software with interests in P2P networking, decentralized applications (dApps), smart contracts and crypto based payment solutions. Learn More About Us