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Cardano (ADA) is still way behind its main competition | CaptainAltcoin
Cardano has been faring rather meh as of late. July saw it fluctuate a bit and reach a monthly high of $0.1902/2539 satoshi when the news cycle was greeted with the information that Cardano is being considered as a possible addition to the Coinbase infrastructure (both the trading and custody service). It has been a strong run down ever since, as the alt managed to clock a monthly low of $0.14/1857 satoshi on July 31st. The first half of August was rather negative for the price action as well, as we saw the coin devaluate all the way down to $0.0869/1456 satoshi on august the 14th. ADA has managed to slightly bounce since that and is shyly tagging along in the latest recovery/bullrun/bulltrap that the market is currently experiencing. The price action has been somewhat positive and the coin seems primed for a short term breakout. There has been a slight recovery from the August lows and one ADA is currently valued as $0.103159 USD (4.98% rise in the last 24 hours)/1692 satoshi (3.89% rise in the last 24 hours). It boasts one of the better trading volumes at 13,568 BTC, most of it coming from Upbit (31%) and Binance (49%). With a market cap of $2,774,619,328, ADA is currently the 9th most valuable cryptocurrency on the market.
December 23, 2018 8:30 AM

Cardano Price Prediction: ADA to Increase by the End of 2019 - News Today | Smartereum
Cardano (ADA) came into the digital currency sphere in September 2017, and the digital currency has made enormous progress since then. Just four months after its launch, the coin increased by 1,520%, with a market cap of about $18 billion. The Cardano network uses a scientific perspective with a methodology that is motivated by research. The open source tech of the coin goes through a meticulous peer review procedure which scientists and developers conduct collectively. Most of the price predictions of Cardano (ADA) for this year and beyond are very tentative, this is the result of the obscurity of the coin. A notable price prediction for Cardano stated that the digital currency will take the lead in the Eastern Pacific.
December 23, 2018 7:24 AM

JP Morgan internal Cryptocurrency prediction report: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Dash, Litcoin etc are here to stay - Cryptocurrency News Today | Smartereum
JP Morgan states that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Even though many of the financial institutions believe that cryptocurrencies are not the longer term phenomena, the truth is institutions, such as JP Morgan, are clearly stating that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. This is according to an internal report from the company. According to the report by JP Morgan, cryptocurrencies would continue to face such volatility. Moreover, the ecosystem would move around the blockchain technology over a long period of time and the loopholes of the blockchain technology would be filled up. This is in stark contrast with the public opinions of the company related to cryptocurrency. Various executives including the CEO of the company have clearly stated that they believe the cryptocurrencies are actually fraud. However, the internal report holds an entirely different opinion.
December 23, 2018 7:07 AM

Cardano Price Forecast: Cardano (ADA) Will Rise in 2019 - And Here's Why - Cardano (ADA) Price Prediction 2018 | Smartereum
Over the past few months, Cardano (ADA) has proven itself a stable cryptocurrency when compared to many other cryptocurrencies in the market. So far, the team behind the coin has made significant progress with many plans in play to help the coin reach its full potential. While the journey ahead is long, steady progress will bring it there eventually as long as patience is involved. Even if the coin hasn?t reached its full potential, it has made some progress recently as seen in the company?s newsletters. The newsletters by the team contain clear details of their achievements and their plan for the next quarter of the year.
December 23, 2018 7:02 AM

Unknown Cryptocurrency Linkey (LKY) Sees Over 666% Rise As Tron (TRX) Remains Green Among Top 10 - Today's Gazette - Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News
Linkey (LKY), an unpopular cryptocurrency has seen over 666% rise in the last 24 hours as Tron (TRX) remain green among the top 10 digital currency, seeing around 10% rise. While Linkey is still being doubted by many people in the cryptocurrency world, the website of the digital currency appears too amateurish, and does not have enough information to show it is not as cam. The team behind the digital currency are still hidden and the platform does not have open source code but have a whitepaper that is not detailed enough. From available information, Linkey is a Chinese project on the Ethereum network. It has a token referred to as LKY. As we write now, Linkey is in the top 100 cryptocurrency by market cap.
December 22, 2018 4:30 PM

CARDANO (ADA) Long-term Price forecast
Supply zone: $0.0600, $0.0800, $0.1000 Demand zone: $0.0100, $0.0080, $0.0060 ADA remains in a bearish trend in its long-term outlook. The bears continued the journey down south in grand style with the break of the lowest low of 12th September at $0.06010. 19th November saw the break with a large bearish candle as the coin dropped to $0.04889 and close the week at $0.03594 in the demand area. Price currently is below the two EMAs and the EMAs are fanned apart which connotes strength in the context of the downtrend. The stochastic oscillator is in the oversold region at 8% and its signal points down which implies downward momentum.
December 22, 2018 9:44 AM

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