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Warning: Crypto Scammers are Taking Advantage of Ethereum Hard Forks
Upcoming forks in Ethereum and Ethereum Classic have given opportunity to scammers. Two alleged ?hard fork? versions are trying to steal money from users of both. Ethereum Nowa claims to be forking away from ETH. Ethereum Classic Vision claims to fork away from ETC. These forks are allegedly in response to regularly scheduled network upgrades in both blockchains. Accordingly, the team at Guarda, which offers a web-based solution similar to Coinomi, wrote to CCN to report that both of these forks are scams. The official web wallets both Ethereum Nowa and Ethereum Classic Vision have provided are scams. They attempt to capture private keys. Unsuspecting users may have already lost money using this method.
January 11, 2019 6:20 AM

Ethereum's big-leap forward -- Crypto without keys by Adriana Hamacher (part of Constantinople upgrade)
Ethereum?s upcoming upgrade, the Constantinople hard fork includes a feature that may prove to be a usability game-changer. And that?s not all. By Adriana Hamacher News?6 min read?Jan 10, 2019Jan 10, 2019 The award-winning designer and writer, Frank Chimero, once observed that ?People ignore design that ignores people.? He wasn?t talking about Web3?but he may as well have been. Too often, usability is being sacrificed on the altar of decentralization, resulting in a raft of dapps and decentralized services that no one uses. But take heart: with the release on Wednesday of Ethereum?s testnet of upgrades, developers are getting excited about a new feature that will make the decentralized network way easier for mere mortals to use.
January 11, 2019 5:18 AM

Validator Economics of Ethereum 2.0 Part One -- Collin J. Myers [Token Economy]
Since the formal announcement of Serenity at DevCon4 in November we have seen a strong self organization of minds come together to debate and better define the specs of Ethereum 2.0. Topics such as network inflation, economic incentives, slashing, withdrawal period, attack vectors and worst case scenarios are all receiving a healthy debate, amongst many others. With the recent surge in participation in Ethereum 2.0, it is now timely and critical that we effectively incorporate diverse viewpoints to arrive at the best solution. The beauty of an open source protocol is that anyone can participate in its journey and shape the network. A blockchain protocol involves a symphony of differing yet overlapping motives, all of which must be aligned in harmony.
January 11, 2019 4:51 AM

Bitcoin less Centralized Compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash- Long Hash Research
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January 11, 2019 12:14 AM

Origin DApp built on top of Ethereum & IPFS Gets Editable Listings and Support for Multiple Units
Origin Protocol was founded on the audacious goal of replacing the myriad of centralized online marketplaces into one open source protocol. Instead of hundreds of proprietary data silos, marketplaces can now store listings on the decentralized blockchain. These marketplaces range from simple transactions like someone selling a used bicycle as on Craigslist to complex transactions like connecting a rider with nearby drivers in real time like Uber. Our DApp was launched on the Ethereum Mainnet at the end of last year with a basic feature set roughly comparable to a decentralized eBay or Craigslist. (Read our announcement) While this was a huge accomplishment, it was just laying the foundation for the development of all kinds of marketplace transactions. We are proud to announce the addition of two small but powerful additions to Origin listings: editable listings and support for selling multiple items.
January 10, 2019 11:42 PM

PSA: Upgrade Your Nodes
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January 10, 2019 10:46 PM

OpenLedger DEX to Support Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork
We would like to confirm the support of upcoming Ethereum hard fork that will take place once the Ethereum block height reaches 7,080,000. The hard fork is estimated to occur between January 14 and January 18. We will handle all the technical requirements. Please be informed that all ERC20 and ETH gateways may be disabled during the fork to make necessary updates. Thank you for choosing our decentralized trading platform! Best regards, The OpenLedger DEX Team The DASH gateway is temporarily disabled due to maintenance works. BlockMarkets? new free service is allowing to make unlimited requests for API usage, which is... Read more
January 10, 2019 9:35 PM

Good News For Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Verge (XVG): NetCents Crypto Credit Card Nears Launch - Today's Gazette - Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News
Vancouver based Cryptocurrency gateway company NetCents Technology has announced Thursday its Cryptocurrency Credit Card Program has reached the beta stage, calling for digital currency enthusiasts to apply online for the programme. A statement by Clayton Moore, CEO, Founder and Director NetCents Technology, the company is perfecting the integration of the credit card program into user portal and Instant Settlement program. Meanwhile, the moment the Cryptocurrrency Debit Card is complete, the firm will launch a trial alpha period in the next couple of months. Around the period, NetCents aims to accept applications that will be added to the Springs? beta period.
January 10, 2019 9:17 PM

The Truth About the Ethereum Classic Hack
This news this week has been dominated by one story, an attack on the Ethereum Classic network that looks to be of the 51% attack designation - a hack which allows attackers to implement double spends, whilst controlling over 50% of the network. This, in turn, allows hackers to manipulate the network and exercise malicious intent. Now, the Ethereum Classic hack seems to have been underplayed, for some reason, it?s been brushed under the carpet, there are however some significant concerns that arise when looking into what?s happened here, this is what we are now going on to explore. Before we begin however, let?s recap on exactly what a 51% attack is, according to Investopedia:
January 10, 2019 7:02 PM

Ethereum Classic on Raspberry Pi
One of the most important market sectors for Ethereum Classic has always been cybersecurity and Internet of Things (IoT). When you have a Turing-Complete blockchain that follows the pillars of immutability of transactions and noninterventionism, you have the perfect candidate for a network that can secure IoT devices. Imagine IoT devices being secured by a network that doesn?t hardfork to include unusual state changes because it?s protected by a strong social layer as well. That?s the promise of ETC and IoT. I wanted to get started exploring the possibilities of IoT with ETC by getting my hands dirty building my own project. This guide will be split into several parts and will document my explorations of IoT, ETC, and all things Raspberries.
January 10, 2019 6:45 PM

Ethereum Classic 51% Attack The Reality of Proof-of-Work
A successful 51 percent attack on the Ethereum Classic blockchain has raised some big questions around smaller cryptocurrencies using proof-of-work algorithms. ETC?s 51 percent attack ? the vulnerability of proof-of-work laid bare Just two weeks into the new year and the cryptocurrency community is grappling with the reality of an alleged ?51 percent attack? on the Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain. While there is still no clear idea of who is responsible for the manipulation of ETC?s blockchain by controlling the majority of CPU power in the mining pool, the circumstances raise some big questions concerning the security and power of proof-of-work (PoW) algorithms.
January 10, 2019 5:06 PM

Augur users Bet on Ethereum Classic (ETC) delisting from Coinbase
At the start of each trading session, you will receive an email with the author's new posts. You won't receive any more email notifications from this author. Users of Augur platform now can bet on Ethereum Classic delisting from Coinbase. According to Emin Gün Sirer, professor of Cornell University, this bet might turn into ETC killer. "This is, in effect, an assassination market for ETC," he wrote in his Twitter account.  Most likely, these sentiments are related to attack 51% on ETC network. Also, it should be noted that ETCDEV, a leading ETC dev team left the project due to lack of financing. Meanwhile, ETC/USD is changing hands at $4.61, down nearly 9% since this time on Wednesday. The coin is moving in sync with the broader market, while the sell-off is intensified by deteriorated technical factors. The price needs to regain $5.0 and $5.2 (confluence of SMA100 and SMA50, 4-hour) to mitigate the immediate downside pressure. Once this barrier out of the way, ETC/USD may proceed to the recent highs at $5.69 and to $6.0.
January 10, 2019 4:14 PM

Ethereum is Waiting for a New Upgrade, Constantinople is Coming Soon
Another significant development for the Ethereum network is Constantinople, which is going to be implemented this January. This upgrade is also called ?Ethereum 2.0? and the ?New Ethereum?. The main aim of this fork is to improve the basic capacity of scaling within the framework of the network. Constantinople is part of the release called Metropolis and it will be integrated into block #7080000. Developers have prepared three forks for the beginning of 2019, including Constantinople. Other two forks are ?hard forks?, which will result in creating new cryptocurrencies, Classic Vision and Ethereum Nowa. Users are notified that Constantinople fork will take place between the 15-16th of January 2019.   
January 10, 2019 3:13 PM

Combining the power of blockchain, AI, and crowdsourcing to end online counterfeiting once and for all.
Combining the power of blockchain, AI, and crowdsourcing to end online counterfeiting once and for all. Research has shown that counterfeits pose a great threat to individuals, companies, industries and even world governments. With the technological advancement of the internet, the negative effects of counterfeiting have now been magnified and are causing a larger scale of damage. Most brands choose to invest a large amount of money into implementing NFC or RFID technologies into their products, but the results are still limited and the costs are still high. We will create a solution to this problem by establishing a platform with a built-in AI model and machine learning technology to identify counterfeits. Crowd-sourced participants will be incentivized to assist in verifying the unidentifiable items, while the information of the counterfeiters will be published on the blockchain, which is immutable and public for everybody to read. In addition, two major functions will be released along the way which will result in more parties joining the platform to complete the goal of the platform evolving into a self-governed ecosystem. By combining these cutting-edge technologies with new mechanisms to govern the platform by itself, our solution is able to solve this problem effectively on a large scale.
January 10, 2019 1:43 PM

XRP Overtakes Ethereum in Market Cap Despite Value Decline
It has become more apparent today will not necessarily be a positive day for most cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets. Especially for the top markets, the pressure is intensifying at an alarming pace right now. One interesting development is how XRP overtook Ethereum in market cap once again, even though both markets are hemorrhaging value right now. A very intriguing situation ensues. It is not necessarily all that common to see financial markets lose value yet still overtake some ?competitors? in terms of value. In the cryptocurrency world, developments like these tend to happen a lot more often than most people tend to realize. Today is a more than interesting example in this regard, as XRP overtook Ethereum in market cap again despite losing a lot of value in the past few hours.
January 10, 2019 1:42 PM

Adoption: Bitcoin and Ethereum Sold at 24 French Tobacco Shops, 6500 More to go
French Fintech company KeplerK is getting local Tobacco shops to sell Cryptocurrency coupons for 50, 100 or 250 Euros which can later be redeemed on their website using the QR code. According to a statement from the French website 24 shops have already agreed to experiment and will quickly reach 100 by next week. Around 24,000 tobacco shops in France started selling other products such as cellphone credits and money transfer services in order to diversify their incomes, the local citizens trust these tobacco shops more than remote online websites hence it is a perfect fit for them to sell Bitcoin coupons.
January 10, 2019 12:59 PM

Ethereum Classic Hacker Stole 54,200 ETC from Crypto Exchange
Cryptocurrency exchange confirmed that it had lost about $220,000 worth of Ethereum Classic coins ? about 40,000 ETC ? during the ongoing manipulation of the project?s blockchain network. The exchange confirmed Tuesday that the Ethereum Classic blockchain was under 51% attack ? in which a single entity takes control of more than half the network?s hash power that allows it to rewrite its transaction history and double-spend coins ? and identified three accounts about the attacker(s). ?It happened between 0:40 Jan.7, 2019 and Jan 4:20 Jan.7, 2019 UTC for about 4 hours,? revealed in a blog post. ?All the transactions were confirmed normally on the ETC blockchain and became invalid after the blockchain rollback.?
January 10, 2019 12:47 PM

Qtum, a blockchain platform that merges the strength of Bitcoin's blockchain with the Ethereum Virtual Machine to build decentralized applications, has completed its first atomic swap with Bitcoin on mainnet.
Qtum, a blockchain platform that merges the strength of Bitcoin?s blockchain with the Ethereum Virtual Machine to build decentralized applications, has completed its first atomic swap with Bitcoin on mainnet. This is a big, first step for atomic swaps, a feature that allows for on-chain exchanges, or transactions, between cryptocurrencies on two separate blockchains without the need to rely on a third party. For Bitcoin, this is a big step forward in allowing interoperability between other blockchains and itself in a trustless manner. Atomic swaps are not an entirely new feature, as Bitcoin Magazine has reported on a Lightning Network ERC-20 swap with bitcoin just a few months ago.
January 10, 2019 12:20 PM

Coinbase Reports Double Spend Attacks on Ethereum Classic Blockchain Worth $1 Million
Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange, has reported about the detection of a series of reorganizations of the Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain and several double spends on the network. Per reports, the double spends were worth 219,500 ETC (~$1.1M). In response, the exchange immediately suspended its interactions with the ETC blockchain to protect customers? funds. According to Coinbase, their systems tracked a glitch in the ETC network that alerted the team about a double spend. Within a few hours, the report was confirmed and transactions with the ETC network were halted. As a result, Coinbase users were not able to use the platform for sending or receiving ETC.
January 10, 2019 12:13 PM

Ethereum Price Drops Below $140 Following Wicked 1-hour Candle
Although it was somewhat to be expected, today isn?t off to a good start for the cryptocurrency markets. Everything has gone in the deep red due to a rather bearish one-hour chart. Sustaining uptrends has proven difficult in this industry for some time now. The Ethereum price knows this all too well, as it has dropped below $140 once again and may continue to drop lower. After what seemed to be a somewhat promising start to the year 2019, the cryptocurrency markets have come under severe bearish pressure once again. To most speculators, this doesn?t come as a big surprise. It was rather clear the bearish market is far from over at this point and a correction would kick in sooner rather than later. The volatile nature of that correction isn?t exactly what most people expected, though, yet the situation is still developing at this time.
January 10, 2019 11:52 AM

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