ELI5 Saint Bitts – What is it? What’s St Bitts LLC?

Saint Bitts LLC is a company registered in the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

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The company name, Saint Bitts, changing Kitts for Bitts, is a Bitcoin-related reference to the island that hosts its business headquarters.

Saint Bitts Location

Saint Bitts is located at 858 Zenway Blvd #15-203 Frigate
Bay Nevis, St. Kitts & Nevis

Asian Office

Saint Bitts HK is an Asian subsidiary located in Hong Kong. (The HK acronym presumably stands for the country name.)

The Asian company has registration number 1279850 and was originally founded in October 2008, before Bitcoin was originally deployed (January 2009).

Before being called Saint Bitts, the company was registered as Swedish Chefs Choice Ltd. It was later renamed Concept Start Trading Ltd and finally acquired by Saint Bitts and registered under its current handle.

Who Owns Saint Bitts?

The company is owned by Roger Ver and has Daniel Kelman as general counsel.

Saint Bitts is responsible for the domain, one of the most popular cryptocurrency-related Internet portals. Wallet

St. Bitts also runs the wallet, which is one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallet softwares for mobile phones, being ranked top 10 at Google App Store.

The wallet service was released in 2017 and originally handled Bitcoin Core (the original Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin version).

Later it was migrated to Bitcoin Cash but continued to call itself a regular Bitcoin wallet, a fact which generated some confusion for many crypto traders and investors who mistook BCH for BTC.

Bitcoin Cash

The company is one of the driving forces behind Bitcoin Cash (BCH) - a Bitcoin fork launched by Roger Ver and partners.

Bitcoin Cash uses the "P2P electronic cash" as a motto - since it's meant to be used as practical currency, not just hoarded as a store of value.

Saint Bitts Exchange

Saint Bitts released a new cryptocurrency exchange in September of 2019 and will initially list 4 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherem and Tether.


The company's service aims to be a competitor to, allowing over the counter crypto trades between participants.


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