ELI5 SMART SmartCash Cryptocurrency

ELI5 SMART SmartCash Cryptocurrency

SmartCash is mineable. The SmartCash mining system prevents mining centralization and stimulates the growth of the network.

Every computer can be used as a mining device. The user has to create a SmartCash Wallet Address to receive the payments. Then he has to create a SmartCash Pool account. After that, the user has to download a miner. The user can trade at CryptoBridge, Stocks.Exchange, CoinExchange.io, Hitbtc.com or Monkeycoin.

Mining or Minting Algorithm

Keccak mining algorithm is known to be ASIC-resistant.

Monetary Data

Maximum circulating coins of SmartCash is 5,000,000,000 SMART.

It has a total supply of 1,371,871,451 SMART with a circulating supply of 770,827,172 SMART.


SmartCash is one of the youngest digital currencies. It originated in the mid-2017. It makes decentralization possible because it is made to fit the blockchain technology. Thousands of different computers that are working simultaneously makes SmartCash exists.

SmartCash is an experimental digital currency which enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere. It uses peer-peer technology to operate without a central authority. It manages the transactions and the issuance of money are carried out by the network collectively.

With the current development growth of SmartCash, the coin is expected to gain up to 500% increase in the next six months.

What Makes It Different?

The Smart and rewarding system of SmartCash allows the user to receive reward points for holding at least 2500 SmartCash in the user’s wallet.

Smart Hive is a community platform developed by the SmartCash developers which surpasses the traditional Core teams that are used in other crypto platforms. It was also created to make the community work as a bee hive meaning that the holders and investors have to agree on what happens to SmartCash.

Smart Voting. The community is invited to vote using their smart token. One token represents one vote, the more tokens the user have, the more votes he is allowed to add to the voting poll.

Smart Pay technology enables the users to make fast transactions with faster performance. This feature is a breakthrough to the transactions that are operating on the blockchain nodes.

Who is Behind SMART SmartCash?

The Hive Team Development is made up of Hive Coordinator, Solarminer. Leandro Reinaux is the C++ Software Engineer. There no available biography of the members of the team.

It is an open source software called Smartcash Core the enables the use of the currency. The SmartCash source code began using the zerocash protocol of Zcoin. Zerocash is the base for the privacy of Zcash coin. T is depended on the zero-knowledge proofs in confirming the transactions, without having to share the sender, the recipient, or the amount of the transaction.


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