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Mining is the collective and decentralized effort performed by network participants in order to verify cryptocurrency transactions. Participants receive a reward for their work, which serves as an incentive for mining activity.

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ELI5: What was Honeyminer?
Honeyminer was an automatic multiple coin mining program that pays users to use their spare computing power. Honeyminer leveraged a variation of the concept of micro mining, w...
ELI5: Cryptocurrency Micro Mining
Micro mining is a cryptocurrency mining modality where large quantities of small, and low computing power, devices perform the mining work. The idea stemmed from concepts relat...
ELI5: Why can’t Bitcoin miners use regular computers?
This is a frequently asked, but still very relevant, question in the world of cryptocurrencies. There seems to be a permanent, and very heated, debate involving the future of B...
ELI5 What is cryptocurrency mining?
Mining is the process by which cryptocurrency transactions get verified. The process got its name from the fact that once a block is verified, whoever solved it will earns som...