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A Staking Pool is an organization which verifies transactions on behalf of others in a Proof of Stake consensus system. Stakers delegate their voting rights to a staking pool which, in turn, verifies blocks 24×7. In exchange for the voting rights, the pools share the block rewards with the delegators.

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A Jormungandr jcli Cryptonomicon – Staking Pool Commands and Stuff
In this article, we'll take a look at jormungandr and ended up compiling notes, some commonly used commands and other stuff learned while researching how to run a Cardano staking...
ELI5 What is an adversarial Cardano staking pool?
If you've been following recent Cardano staking discussions then you've probably seen or heard the term adversarial staking pool. What does it mean, exactly, to be an adversari...
ELI5 Cardano ADA Staking Pool Pledge
There's been a lot of talk about pledging in Cardano lately. What does pledging mean? What is pledge, exactly? Do stakers need to be concerned? What will the minimum pledge am...
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