Opinion: Techno-babble…..what is it all about anyway??? [Oct 2017]

As with any new revolutionary discovery, breakthrough innovation or new era of technological development, also the recently started Age of Crypto brings with it a vast array of new words and expressions.

Just one or two years ago, who would have ever heard of "wallet download", "altcoins", "icos", or of companies like Ripple or Golem?

And finding out the meaning of it all can take the newbie days or even weeks, which in the worst case scenario can lead to a substantial loss of money. For example by starting to trade on one of the recently born crypto-exchanges without having completely mastered the set of skills or just the  vocabulary that is needed to prevent oneself from drowning in a sea of coins.

Crypto-exchanges that go by fanciful names like "Kraken", or "Cobinhood".  Walt Disney himself could not have dreamed up this new colorful universe. A universe which, just like the one we live in, seems to be accelerating it's expansion to the point where it becomes impossible to keep up with all new developments or to have an angle on the new startup businesses in the cryptosphere.

Many tools are already being developed to make this a more "democratic" movement.

Here at "The Tape" (Note: was originally called The Tape) we would also like to help making crypto-investing accessible for everybody, not just for mathematicians or wizz-kids with a technological background.

We will soon chip in by posting blog episodes in which we will try to decipher some of the more mysterious techno-speak and also by giving  our recommendations on a choice  of latest products in an industry that keeps growing faster than the speed of light.

This is a guest post written in 2017 by our friend, Mr. Alfred Moesker, owner of Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona - the world's first hotel to accept Cardano ADA for payments.


Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona

*VIDEO* Hotel Ginebra, where you can pay your stay in Barcelona with Cardano ADA

Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona accepting Ada as a payment method

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