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The first Bitcoin block mined each year 2009-2020

In this article we take a look at a [mostly useless] curiosity: the first block mined each year since 2009.

Some Stats

The average of the past 10 years has been 55519 blocks mined per year, or 6.33 blocks per hour.

The Bitcoin Core algorithm readjusts to maintain 6 blocks per hour, so 6.33 is within a 5% margin of error – very accurate for such a complex and decentralized mining process that no single party controls.

2010 to 2011 was the year with the most blocks mined: 67923 blocks or 7.75 blocks per hour. During this period, one block was mined every 7m43s, much lower than the expected 10 minute interval between blocks. This was due to the fast evolution of mining hardware during this period. While some bitcoiners still used CPU mining, others were developing GPU and ASIC miners which evolved faster than the mining difficulty could be adjusted.

During the past 5 years the algorithm has been able to maintain the mining rate at 6.x blocks per hour, as expected.

For comparison, a perfect 6 minutes period per block would yield 52560 blocks per year.

Apart from 2009-2010 when Satoshi and a few friends were basically mining by themselves, last year (2019-2020) was the year with least blocks mined, at 54239. This indicates that the difficulty algorithm has adjusted ahead of mining technology advancements. During this same period, hashpower peaked at more than 110 exahashes per second, a 153% increase from one year before.

So, here’s the list of the very first block mined each year!


Block 610710 Mined by BTC.TOP, 13 minutes into 2020

The first block of the decade (assuming you start counting at zero) was mined 13 minutes into the new year.

54239 blocks were mined since 2019


Block 556471 Mined by Poolin, 29 minutes into 2019

The previous block was mined 43 minutes earlier (!!), at 11:46 PM on the year before.

54497 blocks were mined since 2018


Block 501974 Mined by AntPool, 10 minutes into 2018

55919 blocks were mined since 2017


Block 446045 Mined by an unknown miner, 8 minutes into 2017

54850 blocks were mined since 2016


Block 391195 Mined by AntPool, 7 minutes into 2016

54312 blocks were mined since 2015


Block 336883 Mined by GHash.IO, 11 minutes into 2015

58870 blocks were mined since 2014


Block 278013 Mined by GHash.IO, 2 minutes into 2014

63442 blocks were mined since 2013


Block 214571 Mined by an unkown miner, 3 minutes into 2013

54525 blocks were mined since 2012


Block 160046 Mined by an unknown miner, 9 minutes into 2012

59621 blocks were mined since 2011


Block 100425 Mined by an unkown miner, 12 minutes into 2011

67923 blocks were mined since 2010


Block 32502 Mined by an unkown miner, 5 minutes into 2010

32502 blocks were mined since 2009


Genesis Block Mined by Satoshi Nakamoto, on January 3, 2009

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