Building Crypto.BI Toolbox from source

Here you’ll find instructions on how to build Crypto.BI Toolbox from source code.

Build Requirements

  • Bitcoin Core >= 0.18.99
  • Boost Libraries >= 1.71.0
  • CMake >= 3.5
  • g++ >= 9.2

Boost Libraries

Build or download a binary distribution of Boost Libraries. Take note of the root Boost directory (where boost/ is found). We’ll call this directory BOOST_SRC_DIR

Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Core must have been built at least once before Crypto.BI Toolbox can link to the required Core libraries.

Go here for instructions on how to build Bitcoin Core on your system.

Take note of the directory where you built Bitcoin Core, we’ll call it BITCOIN_SRC_DIR.

Building Toolbox

First, we need to check out the latest source code tree from the Toolbox Github repository.

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