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Why Qtum (QTUM) Is Reaping The Fruit Of Its Labor In December Bearish Market
The blockchain technology that stands on the shoulder of the two giants in the crypto space ? Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), Qtum (QTUM) has unveiled its potency in the crypto space by standing out imposingly in the market amid the looming bear situation. Certainly the last few days have been rosy for Qtum, as the altcoin continues to up its market value consecutively irrespectively of the daunting situation that is making investors skeptical about digital currencies. Nevertheless, Qtum continues to remain bullish in the market with signs of great recovery. As such, many weighed in that the labor of the cryptographic project in the past might be a great reason for its growth. Even if one does not want to agree, the developments churned out by the blockchain technology in the previous month and early this month is no doubt outstanding.
December 13, 2018 2:31 PM

Charles Hoskinson on new smart contract tools for Cardano blockchain
Allow to send web push notifications to your desktop. A leading blockchain research and development firm, IOHK, recently announced two new tools for writing smart contracts for the Cardano blockchain. Founder of the blockchain, Charles Hoskinson explained how it will turn out to be a boon for Fintech. The apps known as Plutus and Marlowe have already been launched in test format. These are powerful tools which will be helping fintech industries, financial services and academia that would be running on Cardano. In a recent interview with CCN, Charles Hoskinson explained that the Marlow app helps in providing global fund transfers instantly for business and to increase transparency it also enables the holding of rental deposits in escrow.
December 13, 2018 2:20 PM

eFIN Prepares For Launch, Makes TokenPay (TPAY), Verge (XVG) and Litecoin (LTC) Trading Pairs Completely Free
eFIN Exchange, a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange by TokenPay (TPAY) has announced that it is undergoing tangible changes due to the feedback received from the Beta testing group which contains more than 30 members For this reason, TokenPay pointed that it is altering the exchange?s fee structures and usability. The platform is also adding an ?Easy Trade? button that gives room for seamless one-click trades between pairs. The addition is the same with what ShapeShift has, however, the platform is Tor network oriented and decentralised. This allows for maximum privacy and meagre transaction fee.
December 13, 2018 1:31 PM

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Explains Why ADA's New Smart Contract Tools are a Boon for Fintech
IOHK, a leading blockchain research and development firm, announced two tools developed by a world-leading team for writing smart contracts for the Cardano blockchain. The apps are called Plutus and Marlowe and were launched in test format at the first PlutusFest conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. These powerful tools will enable start-ups, the financial services and fintech industries, and academia to prepare blockchain contracts that will run on Cardano (ADA). Plutus provides a general purpose programming language and tools for the Cardano protocol. IOHK?s scientists and engineers have combined the discipline of the Haskell functional language with the ADA network to create a platform for fintech developers to write secure and robust smart contracts. IOHK has provided an easy-to-use exploratory development and testing environment for Plutus contracts based on a novel blockchain emulator, called Plutus Playground. These contracts are ready to be deployed to the blockchain itself.
December 13, 2018 1:33 AM

Cardano (ADA) launches a new crypto card with over 33,000 merchants signed up
The first cryptocurrency card that runs on Cardano (ADA) has just been launched in South Korea. Emurgo, Cardano?s commercial development branch, has partnered with Metaps to form Metaps Plus, the platform that powers the new card. The card will be accepted by over 33,000 retail Korean merchants including popular Korean convenience stores like GS25 and Emart24, which are both like the 7-Eleven of North America and other countries. Emurgo CEO Ken Kodama says his company?s goal is to reach over 30 million people with the new card, available in denominations of 100 and 1,000 ADA. Metaps Plus CEO Seungyeon Kim says,
December 13, 2018 12:31 AM

Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Stellar, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Litecoin, TRON, Cardano: Price Analysis, Dec
The recent slump in markets has provided traders with a good buying opportunity, but a recovery may not come in the form of a dramatic vertical rally. While the current fall is a good buying opportunity, traders should not expect a vertical rally. Let?s consult the charts The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cointelegraph. Every investment and trading move involves risk, you should conduct your own research when making a decision. The market data is provided by the HitBTC exchange. When markets were rising, the novice traders believed they can never go down, and one must only have the courage and patience to HODL. However, after this year?s nerve-racking correction, most of those same traders now believe that the cryptocurrencies are going to zero. They were wrong on the way up, and they are wrong again on the way down. The fundamentals are getting better and are pointing to a better future.
December 12, 2018 10:49 PM

Cardano(ADA) development may be slow, but winning is about getting it right, not being first
Follow us on Telegram | Twitter | Facebook One of the biggest sources of criticism for Cardano (ADA) is its development roadmap. The argument usually is that other projects are moving faster, and could gain a competitive advantage, and render Cardano irrelevant. While this idea looks credible, it may not hold much water in the real world.  That?s because, at this point, there really is no much adoption for blockchain technology. The tech is still in its early days.  This means that at this point, the focus should not be on which project does what first, but rather, which one gets things right. Proof to this is in the issue of scalability. There are lots of projects that have rushed to be first but have got it all wrong. Ethereum (ETH) came first, but solving scalability has become an uphill task. Ethereum?s challenges led to the rise of many ?Ethereum killers?, but most of them have lots of challenges that make them even more vulnerable than Ethereum (ETH). For instance, most of the so-called Ethereum killers are centralized projects that have massive security vulnerabilities. The rush to be first, and to appear to be the best, has led to the emergence oflots of low quality cryptos that may not stand then test of time.
December 12, 2018 8:18 PM

Cardano Launches New Crypto Card, Available for Use With 33,000 Merchants
The first cryptocurrency card that runs on Cardano (ADA) has just been launched in South Korea. Emurgo, Cardano?s commercial development branch, has partnered with Metaps to form Metaps Plus, the platform that powers the new card. Emurgo CEO Ken Kodama says his company?s goal is to reach over 30 million people with the new card, available in denominations of 100 and 1,000 ADA. Metaps Plus CEO Seungyeon Kim says, ?It?s very meaningful for us to work with ADA, with the entire team, because they were the strategically ready one? ]Emurgo was the only partner ready with deep understanding into offline payment integration and strategic focus to provide a practical application for cryptocurrencies. We plan to develop this product further to ensure we have solid use cases for broader offline adoption with Korean online and offline merchants.?
December 12, 2018 7:49 PM

Lars Brünjes (IOHK Director of Education) on BTC-Echo Podcast (in German)
Lars took the time to present Cardano in one of the most important crypto podcasts in the German-speaking world. 2017 kam Cardano scheinbar aus dem Nichts in die Top 10 der Kryptowährungen. Das Projekt möchte die Sicherheit von Bitcoins übernehmen, allerdings auch die oft diskutierte Skalierung in Angriff nehmen. Seit 2016 arbeitet Lars Brünjes für IOHK, das... Lars Brünjes, Director of Education bei IOHK, spricht über Cardano Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled
December 12, 2018 6:59 PM

Cardano's Founder says that the SEC Will Target EOS
EOS conducted the largest ICO in history worth over $4 Billion. There have been many allegations on EOS not only on the aspect of decentralization but also on the token being a security. Charles speaking at the Edinburgh University?s Blockchain Technology Laboratory on December 11th expressed his opinions on Dan Larimer who is the CTO of Block.ine and the entire team behind it. According to Cryptobriefing, Charles said that the SEC will likely bring punitive measures against The IOHK head goes on to explain that the EOS ICO had fundamental flaws making it an easy target for the SEC who are obligated to take action if it caused harm to the retail investors. he also called the crowd sale ?egregious?.
December 12, 2018 6:30 PM

Tron (TRX), Electroneum (ETN) Price Analysis: Two Coins Signaling Breakthrough
Investors of all cryptocurrencies are waiting for a breakthrough from present colossal dip that wrecked their wealth. Although many have lost hope in cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin that failed to lead the recovery race and crypto newbies have opted for the withdrawal of their fund. Nevertheless, investors of ?the two giant coins? ? Tron (TRX) and Electroneum (ETN) are still very optimistic on the bullish race of the altcoins, with the expectation that they will lead the reclamation of the market soon. So far, the two coins have been eminent currencies in the crypto space, setting out outstanding and top class use cases that makes them irresistible for many users. Truly the market is in dip, but the likes of Tron (TRX) and Electroneum (ETN) have been displaying gestures that they will lead the aspired reclamation especially with something to show off in the market.
December 12, 2018 4:30 PM

Cryptos To Watch: Today's Market Favours Electroneum, Tezos,
The cryptocurrency space has been in a bearish state for some time now. In this regard, different firms have closed down due to the market condition, while some are still optimistic that the market will soon balance and move to the much predicted market level. As the community hopes for a rewarding market return, some coins are performing excellently. These digital currencies are among the few coins to watch in the cryptocurrency market. Electroneum has been witnessing massive rise for the past few days now. The digital currency, regarded as a KYC compliant digital asset introduced mobile mining to the cryptocurrency space.
December 12, 2018 4:10 PM

Cardano Price Moves up as All Markets Flash Green
The cryptocurrency and digital asset markets are fluctuating wildly today. Although the day kicked off in the red, some positive momentum has become apparent. Even so, the hourly charts look incredibly abysmal, which is only to be expected at this time.  The big winner in the top 15 so far is Binance Coin, although Cardano is also rising rather quickly. Over the past few weeks, very people seemingly discussed Cardano and its price. That is not because the project has ground to a halt, but rather because bearish market pressure tends to make people overlook ecosystem developments. Now that all markets are on the mend again ? at least, temporarily ? the discussions pertaining to Cardano are slowly turning back toward the technology rather than just the price.
December 12, 2018 4:02 PM

Cardano (ADA) Crytpo Cards Launched in South Korea with Support from 33,000 Retail Stores
The much anticipated Cardano (ADA) cryptocurrency card has been unveiled in Seoul, South Korea. This was possible because of the partnership between EMURGO, and Metaps+ Support from Over 33,000 offline Retail Stores According to a Youtube video uploaded by EMURGO, on December 10, 2018, residents of Seoul will be able to use the ADA card at more than 33 thousand retail outlets. Ken Kodama, CEO, EMURGO, stated in the video that enabling the use of ADA for making everyday payments in Korea is the first step towards mass adoption of the digital currency. He further added that the firm?s vision is not just to use ADA as a means of exchange, but to extend its utility across all the industries in the world.
December 12, 2018 3:30 PM

Cardano founder on SEC and how EOS can face backlash from regulators
Allow to send web push notifications to your desktop. Cardano founder, Charles Hoskinson, in a recent press conference spoke about US? Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and how EOS can face significant backlash from the regulators. Hoskinson believes that the problem would be related to their $4bn ICO, which the IOHK leader described as ?egregious.? According to him, SEC will bring strict measures against Block.One the way EOS Initial Coin Offering was carried out, Cryptobriefing reported. While speaking at a press conference in Edinburgh, Hoskinson said, ?I can?t imagine how they?re not going to have some sort of issue with the SEC.? He further added that the ICO had various fundamental faults and therefore calling attention to the huge amount that they rose in a year.
December 12, 2018 8:50 AM

Bloomberg Predicts Bitcoin and Crypto Rebound, Plus Ripple and XRP, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano: Crypto News Flash | The Daily Hodl
From a potential Bitcoin bounce to the adoption of Ripple?s cross-border payment technology, here?s a look at some of the stories breaking in the world of crypto. A technical indicator is pointing to a potential rebound for Bitcoin and the overall cryptocurrency markets. Bloomberg?s Galaxy Crypto Index is in oversold territory. The last time the index was in this position, a 20% rally followed. However, the potential bump could be short-lived. According to Bloomberg, the strength indicator is ?unlikely to be indicative of a longer-term trend.? Foreign exchange broker and international payment provider Currencies Direct says Ripple?s cross-border payment technology is a game changer. According to Finextra, the company is planning on using Ripple?s xCurrent to open a new cross-border remittance corridor from the UK to India.
December 12, 2018 5:08 AM

IOHK Opens Cardano To Fintech dApps
Crypto Briefing exists to advocate for the safe and responsible integration of blockchain and cryptocurrency into mainstream life. We believe. Our goal is to grow the crypto community - to help new converts understand the basics, and to share our research with experienced enthusiasts. Our ICO reviews are independent, unpaid, and unsponsored. Contact us: editor AT Crypto Briefing - ICO and Cryptocurrency Analysis, News, Features, Ratings and Reviews - Cryptocurrency News, Digital Asset Analysis, & Blockchain Updates What Is QuarkChain Network?  Introduction to QKC Token What Is the Monacoin Project?  Introduction to MONA Cryptocurrency
December 11, 2018 10:47 PM

Bitcoin Cash: Price Analysis
The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Every investment and trading move involves risk, you should conduct your own research when making a decision. The market data is provided by the HitBTC exchange. November has seen the overall trade volume of retail-focused crypto exchanges drop, while the trade volume of exchanges preferred by larger players has increased instead. After an extended decline, when retail activity drops and institutional activity picks up, a market bottom usually approaches. However, there is still a lack of participation from traditional investors such as investment banks, pension funds and asset managers. These investors are fairly conservative due to regulatory issues, and are likely to gradually enter the space after the groundwork regarding compliance with regulations and custody solutions has been completed.
December 11, 2018 8:49 PM

Some Insights into Cardano´s Blockchain
December 11, 2018December 12, 2018 Hartwig MayerNo Comments In this blog post, we present a high-level overview of the paper describing the Ouroboros Proof of Stake protocol implemented in Cardano´s blockchain. After the overview follow some comments about theoretical aspects of the protocol. In general, Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus protocols elect the network nodes responsible to send the next block to the blockchain on the basis of the nodes? amount of stake. The great benefits of PoS blockchains compared to Proof of Work blockchains are The main challenge of such protocols consists in designing a secure block proposer election which is safe against any adversarial intent to bias the outcome of the sortition. The Ouroboros PoS protocol solves this challenge and provides formal security proofs which guarantee a consistent view of the ledger to all users. There are several other research projects on this topic such as Algorand and Snow White. The Dfinity project is only about consensus, but can be coupled with some PoS to protect against Sybil attacks. There are different versions of PoS protocols like Ethereum?s Casper bonded PoS which is based on penalizing misbehaviour or delegated PoS proposals, e.g. in BitShares.
December 11, 2018 7:03 PM

IOHK Blog: Smart contracts language for Cardano launches at PlutusFest
Today IOHK releases Plutus Platform, a smart contracts language for the Cardano blockchain. You can try out Plutus online, with no need to download or install anything, via Plutus Playground. Plutus Platform is open source. You can find code, documentation, and sources here. IOHK is unique among cryptocurrency companies for its insistence on basing its development on peer-reviewed research, and is one of the few to support rapid and reliable development by using the functional language Haskell. Plutus Platform builds upon these strengths. It has been developed by a crack team of researchers and developers, led by Manuel Chakravarty ? language architect at IOHK and who is well known to the Haskell community ? and myself.
December 11, 2018 4:54 PM

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