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shafs – SHA256 a filesystem and store it on SQLite. Find duplicate files, organize your data

shafs is a tool to help you SHA256 an entire filesystem, file by file, storing its hash and file size in a SQLite database.


shafs requires sqlite3

On Ubuntu do:

sudo apt install sqlite3
sudo apt install libsqlite3-dev

Please check your distribution for the appropriate packages.


git clone
cd shafs


To install locally, uncomment last line in and re-run it or run :

sudo make install

Manual Build + Install

git clone
cd shafs
mkdir -p m4
autoreconf --install
sudo make install    


shafs [-v] <src_dr> <sqlite_file>


shafs -v /usr/lib ~/usrlib_hashed.db

Finding Duplicate eBooks

$ shafs ~/ebooks/ ~/ebooks.db
$ sqlite3 ~/ebooks.db
sqlite> select filepath, count(*) as duplicates from shafs group by filehash having duplicates > 0 order by duplicates desc;

Finding Largest Files

sqlite> select * from shafs order by filesize desc;


shafs is released under the terms of the MIT license

See the LICENSE file at our Github source repository for details


shafs Source Code

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