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SHA256 is an encryption routine which produces a unique and irreversible digest for a given message.

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shafs – SHA256 a filesystem and store it on SQLite. Find duplicate files, organize your data
shafs is a tool to help you SHA256 an entire filesystem, file by file, storing its hash and file size in a SQLite database. Dependencies shafs requires sqlite3 On Ubuntu ...
Bitcoin: The mother of all cryptocurrencies
On January 12 2009, an individual, or group, using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, announced that the first Bitcoin transaction had taken place. Ten Bitcoins had been magically...
ELI5 Sponge Functions for cryptocurrency development [Hash functions]
If you've been following the development of IOTA, and other cryptocurrencies, then you've probably heard the term "cryptographic sponge function", or simply sponge function? Y...