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Ethereum is a second generation cryptocurrency, best known for making Smart Contracts available to the masses.

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Why the “fast” Ethereum sync is so slow
Why is the geth sync so slow? I keep hearing this question again and again from Ethereum node operators. Why is it still so difficult to fully sync an Ethereum full node? Sl...
About Ethereum EVM’s high GAS cost
As cryptocurrencies mature, the promise of a worldwide distributed ledger and computing platform is now taken for granted by businesses around the world. Billions of dollars we...
ELI5 What is ProgPoW?
In May 2018, cryptocurrency researchers IfDefElse and Greg Colvin submitted EIP 1057, proposing a change to Ethereum's mining algorithm. The central idea in EIP 1057, widely kn...
ELI5 The Ethereum #SupplyGate controversy
In early August 2020, Michael Goldstein, Pierre Rochard and others asked what seemed to be a trivial question. What's Ethereum's total monetary supply? Can they articulate how ...
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