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Stablecoin, or stable coins, are cryptocurrencies which are backed 1:1 (or some other ratio) against a reserve currency or bag of currencies. The most popular stablecoins are pegged to the US dollar.

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Opinion: Will Tether blow up? [Dec 2017]
There is an elephant in the room in the cryptocurrency world and it's called Tether. The concept of a cryptocurrency that is tied to the world's reference fiat currency is very...
Opinion: Tether is likely backed by Bitcoin U$ equivalents, not by cash US Dollars [June 2018]
A lot of the controversy surrounding the Tether cryptocurrency seems to focus on whether it is fully backed by US Dollar funds or not. Several relevant questions have been posed i...
Exchanges adopting $USDT for $USD valuation should demand a Bitfinex audit
When a large exchange, like Bittrex for instance, adopts USD Tether ($USDT) as their US Dollar reference, they must offer investors some guarantee that the adopted benchmark is so...
ELI5 What’s a stablecoin?
Since the beginning of cryptocurrency history, most crypto assets have been known to experience enormous oscillations against the US Dollar (or some other legacy fiat currency). ...
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