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Ticker symbol for the Tether cryptocurrency

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Opinion: Will Tether blow up? [Dec 2017]
There is an elephant in the room in the cryptocurrency world and it's called Tether. The concept of a cryptocurrency that is tied to the world's reference fiat currency is very...
Exchanges adopting $USDT for $USD valuation should demand a Bitfinex audit
When a large exchange, like Bittrex for instance, adopts USD Tether ($USDT) as their US Dollar reference, they must offer investors some guarantee that the adopted benchmark is so...
Opinion: Tether reserves to be tested during the market downturn [January 2018]
When both Bitcoin and altcoins are going down, it usually means cryptos are being traded for fiat currency. Right? Almost. There's a curious cryptocurrency called Tether (USDT)...
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