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ELI5 Choosing a Trezor Model

Trezor is one of the most popular hardware wallet brands available.

These cool gadgets support over 1000 cryptocurrencies, making them one of the most sought after crypto items you can buy.

Choosing a Trezor model boils down to coin compatibility and how much you wish to invest in one of these awesome devices.

Today, Trezor offers two main models: One and T.

Let’s take a quick look at what they have in common and then we’ll get into the specifics of each model.

Common Features

Both Trezor wallets support 1000+ cryptocurrencies, U2F authentication, GPG encryption, SSH access, FIDO2 and embedded Bitcoin firmware.

Trezor offers open source code so that you can hack at will, no security by obscurity.

A vibrant Trezor developer community attracts thousands of new developers each year.

Trezor Model One

This is the go-to Trezor hardware wallet for most crypto enthusiasts.

It supports most top market cap cryptocurrencies and offers the same security hardware as the more expensive Model T.

The screen is monochromatic with 2 buttons. (This is the interface most users think of when they think of a Trezor.)

Trezor One also has white and a metallic versions.

Trezor One Metallic Version

White and black are the basic packages.

Price: 48.76 Euros Shop Now

Trezor Model T

Model T is the high end Trezor wallet.

First thing you’ll notice is that it does not have the two traditional physical buttons. Because of the touchscreen all interaction happens directly on the user interface dialogs.

The Model T screen offers a color screen, while Model One is monochrome.

Model T Crypto Compatibility

If you’re a Cardano ADA HODLer, you’ll need to purchase a Model T.

Model One does not support this 3rd generation crypto as well as Ripple, EOS, Monero, Tezos and Ontology.  To safely store any of these cryptos on a Trezor you’ll need a model T.

The more advanced screen also allows you to enter PIN, passphrase and perform the recovery procedure directly on the device, whereas Trezor One requires a connection to a PC.

The T also supports microSD storage cards and Shamir backups.

Price: 149.00 Euros Shop Now


A hardware wallet is more than a utility, it has become a fashion item for many. Setting your Trezor down on a business meeting desk is a strong statement!

Owning a Trezor means you care for your cryptos and wish to keep them safely stored in a cold wallet.

Although there are other hardware crypto wallets available, Trezors are still one of the most popular brands you can buy.

As we’ve seen, choosing a Trezor is basically a matter of crypto compatibility and price. If your cryptocurrency isn’t supported on Trezor One, then a T is your only option. Otherwise you can choose to pay more for a color touchscreen interface that gives you more flexibility to interact with the device without connecting a PC to it.


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