Why the gaming community will take blockchain and cryptocurrencies mainstream

Video games have been the basis for many innovations in other industries – from defence to healthcare to advanced manufacturing. Games also help with the creation of new technologies that require a rapid adoption to bring prices down.

Think about the Japanese telecommunications industry, which had mobile games support the creation of the world’s first 3G grade network.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies go hand-in-hand with games, and it is indeed a game which will most likely be the global catalyst to take them both mainstream.

You have an immutable ledger, which creates trust in a trustless environment, enabling participants to see player status, ownership of digital goods and facilitate a decentralized organisation.

With a cryptocurrency you take game economies to another level, because you can actually generate real wealth outside of the game. With the currency listed on exchanges, players have an incentive to participate and grow the value of their own tokens, which can then be converted into real currencies (FIAT).

Forever Has Fallen is a new type of game – with blockchain gamification and its own cryptocurrency, Forever Coin.

The game uses transmedia storytelling to create an immersive world, based on a clear strategic direction to create an uncontested market space, leveraging three major established global markets: gaming/digital goods, transmedia and Streaming Video On Demand (SVOD). Forever Has Fallen gives players access to a thrilling world.

A billion dollar start-up, The Forever Social, a platform generating digital immortality from social media feeds, has been reduced to ashes in under 24 hours. The CIO is butchered and the founder, a technology genius, Karl-Axel Mattiasson has disappeared, along with the company’s source code and platform ‘The Forever Engine’.

Investors and bankers are left stunned and vengeful, with a loss of $782 million. The company’s accounts, servers and communications are destroyed, sparking an international manhunt for Karl-Axel. Some want justice, others want his head.

Players enter this firestorm to help Karl-Axel, who claims to be innocent of murder, fraud and the destruction of The Forever Social – but can they trust him? Are they helping him to uncover the truth or to cover his tracks? Working solo and as a global community, players will need to solve challenges and conduct their own investigations online and offline, gathering information and doing favours for Karl-Axel to help him recover his empire.

As they progress, Karl-Axel rewards them with his cryptocurrency, Forever Coin. The Forever Coin game token enables in-game transactions and fuels experiences offline to drive popularity for the game and token. The blockchain provides an immutable ledger for player status, achievements and ownership of in- game digital goods and collectables. Smart contracts enable rewards for players who contribute, build and promote the game.

Together they also intrinsically underpin the community building of the game, enabling the creation of a truly decentralised organisation where players decide what they value and can contribute to story creation and be rewarded for it.

“We see whole new economy springing up thanks to the Forever Has Fallen game. In doing so, people will become very familiar with blockchain based activities, using smart contracts and have a heap of fun with their own currency in the real world,” says Kimon Lycos, Founder and CEO.

“The gamer community often leads innovations and new technologies to the mainstream. Just like AR and VR has recently exploded and will continue to accelerate, it is a proven way to help generate the scale you need to create the business models required.”

“Likewise, we look forward to giving people an incredible experience with the blockbuster storyline, character interactions and immersive experiences – those are the reasons why people will care. It’s up to us to maximise that desire to play the game and, in doing so, blockchain and cryptocurrencies will gain faster acceptance and won’t be that scary  anymore.”

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