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MySQL is one of the most popular open source relational database management systems available.

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Bitcoin Blockchain SQL Schema for MySQL
This SQL schema was created for Crypto.BI Toolbox. The same, or similar, SQL schema can be used by anyone exploring Bitcoin with the help of a MySQL RDBMS. Although we didn't ...
Bitcoin Blockchain to MySQL ETL Tool
Crypto.BI Toolbox comes with an ETL tool that allows you to extract data from the block DAT files and import the blockchain into MySQL. If you got the blocks directory configur...
Bitcoin Blockchain MySQL Database Inserter Configuration
Toolbox tries to read configuration from $HOME/.cyptobi/cryptobi.conf If a config file is unavailable, then defaults will be applied. The order of precendence from highest t...
C++ Bitcoin Blockchain to MySQL Database Interface
Crypto.BI Toolbox abstracts database access through a thin database access layer. Every database operation required to run the system has been made into a separate function in ...