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Browsing Concept: Toolbox Toolbox is a set of tools we use to read the Bitcoin blockchain to extract useful data from it.

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Bitcoin Blockchain SQL Schema for MySQL
This SQL schema was created for Crypto.BI Toolbox. The same, or similar, SQL schema can be used by anyone exploring Bitcoin with the help of a MySQL RDBMS. Although we didn't ...
Getting started with Toolbox [README.first]
This is a quick guide to getting started with Crypto.BI Toolbox. Following these steps should get Toolbox in a working state quickly, so you can begin exploring the Bitcoin bl...
Bitcoin Blockchain to Database Sync Process (blocks_updater) [ Toolbox]
After performing the initial database insert using toolbox/db/blocks_inserter, new blocks will be received from the network. To keep the database in sync after the initial bulk...