Alpereum Ethereum Mining Pool [Closed 2017]

Alpereum was an Ethereum mining pool that ran from May 2016 to late 2017.

As of November 2017 Bitcointalk users reported that the pool had likely been shut down.

No unfair practices or scams have been detected for this pool until the time of writing.

Proportional Reward

Alpereum used a proportional mining reward model.

In this model the hashrate for each participant is estimated and rewards are shared proportionally when a block is found.

One disadvantage to this model is that when no block is found zero then reward is paid out. This caused some users who didn’t understand the payout system to complain that the pool may have been withholding rewards unfairly (it was not the case).

Low Fees

Alpereum became well known for charging as low as zero percent fees early on. This drove many ETH miners to the pool during 2016. Later on the pool charge 0.2% fee, still considered a low amount.

Company Info

Alpereum was run in Switzerland by Bitcoin Suisse AG
Lättichstrasse 1
CH-6340 Baar
+41 41 544 12 51


Original Announcement

Alpereum Pool shutdown – New Professional Ether Mining Pool [2016 Ann]

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