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Articles related to Bitcoin programming, payment systems, APIs and related topics.

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Commented consensus/merkle.cpp Merkle root on Bitcoin Core Source Code
In this article we take a look at one of the most important components of block validation and overall blockchain integrity: the Merkle Root derivation process. While it's one ...
Commented amount.h on Bitcoin Core Source Code
amount.h is one of simplest source files in Bitcoin Core. In fact we can paste it in it entirety and discuss it afterwards: /** Amount in satoshis (Can be negative) */ typed...
qt/bitcoin.h in Qt Bitcoin Core source code
qt/bitcoin.h pulls the config/bitcoin-config.h definitions that were generated by the configure script during the build process. This header also contains the Qt Q_OBJECT Bitco...
init.cpp Bitcoin Core startup source code
This is our first exploration of Bitcoin-specific code in this series of articles. Until now we've looked at how the Qt system was set up to run the GUI and Bitcoin services in...